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New Single! - "Differentology"

New Single - Hold You Tonight

Official Music Video - Can You See Me? (Hands in the Air)

About the Music Video for "Can You See Me? (Hands in the Air)"

Can You See Me? (Hands in the Air)

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New single, Can You See Me? (Hands in the Air) by Lady A aka Alicia Saldenha

Dance with the Sun

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Love & Unity (Song for Haiti)

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Love & Unity - Alicia Saldenha and Artists in Japan for Haiti
Dance with the Sun - Alicia Saldenha
Alicia Saldenha: Love & Unity

"Ooh Boy" (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video from "Rose"

"Doctor" (Lyrics Video)

Single - "Ooh Boy"

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"ROSE" CD Release

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