This Christmas

Donny Hathaway

  Christmas time has come again. Even here in Japan, which is not a predominantly Christian country, the holiday lights, decorations, events and songs declare the season's popularity.

One of my favorite Christmas songs is Donny Hathaway's This

The New Nutcracker

The Nutcracker -


Baltimore Symphony Orchestra & Baltimore School for the Arts dancers -

As a child, The Nutcracker was one of my favorite ballet productions. It inspired my desire to become a ballerina and to…

Art Work for Upcoming Single from the Lady A Project

The first single from the Lady A Project is due to be released soon. 
It is a protest song and a call for solidarity in the face of racism, police brutality and injustice.
Here is the cover art.
What do…

VibeOlogy - My New Music Podcast on Blackan Radio, Japan

Hi Friends,

I've been wanting to do a music podcast for a while now, to promote the great independent artists I have discovered over the years and to introduce more and more people to the gorgeous music coming out…

New Music Coming Soon!!

Hi Friends,

I've been hard at work the past few months working on a number of exciting projects. Of course, new music is at the heart of it all.
Look out for more details and big surprises soon.

Here's a…


Remember the thrill of receiving a letter or a postcard in the mail? I mean the mail box outside of your house or apartment. 

Remember the warm glow you felt when you heard the voice of a loved one on…