2011 in Retrospect

When I reflect on 2011, the word "explosive" comes to mind. On an individual and on an international level, it was a year of transformative events.

As the fire of protest swept the Middle East, then Europe, water inundated the United States, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. The tsunami in Japan which claimed so many lives was followed by an ongoing nuclear disaster; both have affected me personally.

Yet out of the ashes, Japanese and other nationals have come together to help the victims and to cope with life in Japan in the wake of nuclear contamination.

I was happy to be a part of Mizuho Masuda's charity song for Tohoku, "Colors," as well as of the growing anti-nuclear movement in Osaka. Furthermore, recording the album, "Rose," with my favorite band, indigo jam unit, was a dream come true in the midst of the nightmare.

The CD release tour throughout Japan, where I met so many lovely people, was a gift. Sold-out shows at Billboard Live in November was another dream fulfilled. It was beautiful to see so many in support of independent music. There is indeed sunshine after the storm.

The problems of 2011 persist. Many challenges undoubtedly await us in 2012. We can prevail if we support each other and face them with determination and optimism.

What future will we help to create?


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