Me and José James

 I was very happy to attend the concert of one of my friends and favorite artists, José James, at Billboard Live Osaka on February 20. It was my second time to catch his live show and just as the first time, I was transfixed and transported all at once by his artistry and by the beautiful sound of the band. Joining him on this tour was the very impressive Taylor McFerrin, whose beatbox skills synced perfectly with José's hip hop scatting. 

Also featured in the band was my friend, Takuya Kuroda on the trumpet, who brought the house down with his rousing solos. Takuya was also celebrating his birthday, so it was a special night for him. Takuya, by the way, plays on my upcoming solo album, so be prepared for some magic.
Chatting with José and Takya after the show was also a highlight. It is so good to meet distinguised musicians who are confident yet humble and continue to be sweet persons despite their fame. 

Check out our photo taken after the show. It was a great evening.

ホセ・ジェームズ / José James(Vocals)
テイラー・マクファーリン / Taylor McFerrin(Human Beatbox, Keyboards, Vocals)
タクヤ・クロダ / Takuya Kuroda(Trumpet)
グラント・ウィンザー / Grant Windsor(Keyboards)
ソロモン・ドーシー / Solomon Dorsey(Bass)
リチャード・スペイヴェン / Richard Spaven(Drums)

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