"Ooh Boy" - Trinidadian Reggae Breaking Barriers in Japan (Press Release)


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Osaka, Japan

December 2011


Trinidadian Soul Singer-Songwriter, Alicia Saldenha, Releases 1st Single in Japan

The beautiful and talented singer-songwriter from the Caribbean melts barriers and hearts in Japan with her romantic reggae tune, "Ooh Boy."

Soul singer-songwriter, Alicia Saldenha, born in the Caribbean twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, has been charming audiences in Japan, where she currently resides, with her romantic reggae tune, "Ooh Boy."

She seamlessly weaves both Japanese and English lyrics into a song that manages to transcend language and ethnicity, striking the right chords and winning the hearts of the listeners. The song has become an anthem of sorts, a top request at her shows, with the audience, Japanese and foreigners alike, singing along.

"I deliberately wrote the song this way, so that everyone could understand and sing along, regardless of their language or nationality," says Saldenha. "I've lived in Japan a long time but I am from the Caribbean. This was a way to bring both aspects of my life together in my music and to share that with the listener."

No wonder that Saldenha has chosen this song to be the first single off of her upcoming solo debut album. The full album is tentatively set for release in April 2012.

One album not being enough for the prolific writer and rising star, she has in the meantime also collaborated with Japanese instrumental group, indigo jam unit, on a CD, entitled, "Rose," which features covers of rare 1970's soul and jazz-funk. "Rose" was released on September 2nd, 2011 by Basis Records. A release tour around Japan also kicked off on that date to great success, with sold-out performances at Billboard Live Osaka and other prestigious venues. "Rose" also won the Tokyo Jazz Notes Album of the Year poll and enjoyed several weeks in the Billboard Japan Top 100 and Top 50 for Independent Albums and Singles.

Alicia's solo project, her single, "Ooh Boy," is self-funded and self-released under her own label, Jem Adar Music. She co-produced the song with Andrew Felluss of Radian Records, New York City, who has engineered projects for Ray Charles, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Renee Fleming, among others.

The song was recorded at Pyramid Recording Studio in New York City with a group of stellar musicians, including Grammy Award nominated Barney McAll, as well as Mark Kelley, who regularly performs with Meshell Ndegeocello.

A hit with audiences in Japan, the song is also garnering critical acclaim overseas. Entertainment writer, Alex Henderson, observes that "“Ooh Boy” has a sweetly romantic quality, and Saldenha favors a sweet vocal style that makes this type of song perfect for her."

A house remix has also been produced by Jenifa Mayanja, much in demand in the underground New York house music scene. It offers a trippy, trance-like take on the beautiful melody, taking the listener on a journey through the imagination.

"Ooh Boy" had an international digital release on December 10, 2011. It is available on Nimbit Music, on Alicia Saldenha's official website - http://lovealicia.com and on her Facebook Music page - http://www.facebook.com/aliciasaldenhamusic. The lyrics video can be found at her Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/soulsistah100. The official music video is also in production with feature-film director, Zak Baney.


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