Press Release: Freedom Fest Japan Honors Nelson Mandela

Freedom Fest Japan

Freedom Fest Japan

Osaka, Japan

November 28, 2013


Osaka loves Nelson Mandela!
November is Nelson Mandela month in Osaka with the launch of Freedom Fest Japan – a festival inspired by the former President of South Africa. 

Artists, dancers, musicians, photographers, academics and activists from all over the world have all come together to stage events throughout Osaka and even in Kyoto in honor of the ailing ninety-five year old Nelson Mandela. 

Freedom Fest Japan, conceived by the Trinidadian singer, university lecturer and activist, Alicia Saldenha, aims to promote the ideals of freedom, peace and social justice fought for by Nelson Mandela. The festival also highlights Mandela’s lifelong commitment to community service by incorporating several charity events into the lineup. 
Alicia Saldenha

These include the Imagine children’s charity held in cooperation with the Hard Rock Cafe, Osaka and KMC (Kansai Music Conference), a charity for the evacuees of Fukushima with the NGO, Minna no Te, as well as a benefit for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines with the Typhoon Haiyan FAST Fund and Relief Drive based in Tsukuba, Japan.

Freedom Fest Japan has been a very international affair, with participants from Japan, the United States, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. Among the Japanese artists were the vocalist Iyco and the African drum and dance ensemble, Walabook?!

The work of French photographer, Anne Paq, was featured at the Freedom Fest Japan Art Exhibition held at Circo Mitali'. Paq’s striking oeuvre captures the bruised yet hopeful and resilient lives of the people of Palestine forced to live under occupation by Israel.

In addition, Ghanan-born, New York-based hip hop artist, Blitz the Ambassador, made his debut appearance in Japan performing to a full house at the Freedom Fest Japan Afro-Soul Night along with soul-funk singer, Alicia Saldenha and her band.
Blitz the Ambassador

Saldenha plans to produce Freedom Fest Japan annually in various cities within the country and to take the festival to the global stage from 2015. You can learn more about the events or enquire about hosting the festival in your city at the Freedom Fest Japan Facebook Page or at Alicia Saldenha’s artist website at - See more at:


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