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"Ooh Boy" - Trinidadian Reggae Breaking Barriers in Japan (Press Release) 


Management and booking:

Osaka, Japan

December 2011


Trinidadian Soul Singer-Songwriter, Alicia Saldenha, Releases 1st Single in Japan

The beautiful and talented singer-songwriter from the Caribbean melts barriers and hearts in Japan with her romantic reggae tune, "Ooh Boy."

Soul singer-songwriter, Alicia Saldenha, born in the Caribbean twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, has been charming audiences in Japan, where she currently resides, with her… Read more

"Ooh Boy" featured in The Pete Cogle Podcast #382 

 Check out The Pete Cogle Podcast, which showcases great dub, dancehall and reggae tunes.
"Ooh Boy" is included in the first podcast of 2012, among some great tracks. I especially like 
the first track of the podcast, "Superman," (feat. Plex Rock & Taiwan MC), by Deluxe. Aix en Provence, France [Chinese Man Records].
Thanks to Pete Cogle for featuring my song and for his kind words.
Listen to the podcast here.

2011 in Retrospect 

When I reflect on 2011, the word "explosive" comes to mind. On an individual and on an international level, it was a year of transformative events.

As the fire of protest swept the Middle East, then Europe, water inundated the United States, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. The tsunami in Japan which claimed so many lives was followed by an ongoing nuclear disaster; both have affected me personally.

Yet out of the ashes, Japanese and other nationals have come together to help the victims and to… Read more


I'm so happy to report that "Rose," by indigo jam unit feat. Alicia Saldenha, was voted Album of the Year @ Tokyo Jazz Notes!!

What an honor to have been part of the project and to have so many of you love and support it.

Other honors for "Rose" include:

4 Weeks in the Top 100 and Top 50 Billboard Japan Charts for Independent Albums and Singles.

The "Rose" CD Release Tour in Shibuya, Tokyo on September 10, 2011 was the favorite for the Best Gigs of 2011 @ Tokyo Jazz Notes.

None of… Read more

Happy New Year!!! - Enter the Dragon 

(Photography by Yoshitaka Kominami)

Greetings & Salutations!

Wishing you all health, happiness, love, success and great music for the Year of the Dragon.
According to Chinese astrology, the dragon is a symbol of power and good fortune.

My sincere thanks for all of your support over the years. 2011 was especially exciting for me, being able to play more and more with my band in Japan. U-zo Ohkusu, the pianist of Zard and Kuraki Mai, joined the talented musicians forming my regular… Read more

Bilal & The Roots!!  

 Fantastic performance of "The Other Side" by The Roots feat. Bilal on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Dec. 6, 2011.
The song is off of their new album, "undun."

Bilal is always wonderful but here he just blows me away. 

12月のライブのPV (December Events Promo Video) 

 Well, I was at the studio with my band last week, rehearsing until 2 a.m. (with everyone's busy schedule, midnight rehearsals are often our only option),
when I decided to do an impromptu promo video for our upcoming gigs. I wish I had thought of it earlier because it was only two days before the first show.
Still, we had fun doing it and it turned out so well that I may try to do more next year for our shows.
I'm calling it my directorial debut but the guys actually needed little direction - they were… Read more

Alicia n da House! 

 Some of you may remember that I collaborated a while back with DJ Hakuei, based in Nagoya, on one of his house music tracks. I composed the melody and lyrics. The 2010 EP, "Blue," is available on iTunes and on Beatport.

Now, "Blue (DJ Hakuei Mix)"  is featured on  the compilation CD "Halloween House 2011" by Catwalk Records. It is also available on Beatport and on iTunes. (Release date: Oct. 20, 2011)

We collaborated on a second track almost a year ago. I composed the lyrics and melody for another one…Read more

"We Are One" Charity Music Festival for Tohoku, Japan 

On Saturday, October 1st, I had the pleasure of performing with my band at Ougimachi Koen in Osaka.

The event was the "We Are One" Charity Music Festival for Tohoku, Japan.

I performed with Daioh and Gaku Nakajima on guitar, U-zo Ohkusu on keys and Takanori Hiraoka on drums.

Sadly, our bassist, Tetsushi Ogino, had a previous engagement in Tokyo. However, U-zo deftly handlled the basslines on
the keys, while playing the organ as well.

It was a beautiful afternoon, we had a good turnout and the band… Read more

"Troy Davis Lives Forever" - Free Download by Rebel Diaz & Agent of Change  

FREE DOWNLOAD: Rebel Diaz - Troy Davis Lives Forever (prod Agent of Change) by agentofchange

Despite great international support for death row inmate,Troy Davis, the Georgia Pardons Board refused to grant him clemency and he was executed on September 21st, 2011.

Seven of nine witnesses against Mr. Davis recanted after trial, many claiming to have faced intimidation by the police to give their testimony. Moreover, there seems to have been no physical evidence linking Davis to the crime.

More than… Read more

Life Thru "ROSE" Tinted Glasses 

Releasing the CD, "ROSE," with indigo jam unit has been so exciting. September has been one of the most memorable months of the year, with the album release and Japan tour.

Hearing our songs on the radio, walking into Tower Records and hearing my voice, seeing "ROSE" on display, reading the reviews of the album and the tour, or the appreciative comments of fans on Twitter and Facebook - it has all been amazing and not a little surreal.

There have been so many delights.

I love, for example, the custom… Read more

"ROSE" - Making The CD 

"ROSE" by indigo jam unit feat. Alicia Saldenha
Release Date - September 2nd, 2011

It is wonderful to write these words. This will be my first full album.
I recorded it with one of my favorite bands, indigo jam unit.
Having them invite me to record the album with them was such a joy and an honor in itself.
Being in the studio every day was exhilerating.
And now, I can share the music we created together with you.

Here are a few pics from the recording session at Alchemy Studio in Osaka.