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New Year, New Look... 


Alicia Saldenha -

  Hi Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the new look of the website. It has been given a long-overdue make-over.

Feel free to browse, listen to some music, watch some videos and help support this endeavour by purchasing an album or some singles on iTunes or CD Baby. Musicians, especially independent musicians, cannot live on listens alone. We really do need your support. So please buy a CD and be sure to attend the next show. I'll be very happy to see you.

If you're in Japan… Read more

Press Release: Freedom Fest Japan Honors Nelson Mandela 


Freedom Fest Japan

Osaka, Japan

November 28, 2013


Osaka loves Nelson Mandela! November is Nelson Mandela month in Osaka with the launch of Freedom Fest Japan – a festival inspired by the former President of South Africa. 

Artists, dancers, musicians, photographers, academics and activists from all over the world have all come together to stage events throughout Osaka and even in Kyoto in honor of the ailing ninety-five year old Nelson Mandela. 

Freedom Fest Japan, conceived by the… Read more

Me and José James 

 I was very happy to attend the concert of one of my friends and favorite artists, José James, at Billboard Live Osaka on February 20. It was my second time to catch his live show and just as the first time, I was transfixed and transported all at once by his artistry and by the beautiful sound of the band. Joining him on this tour was the very impressive Taylor McFerrin, whose beatbox skills synced perfectly with José's hip hop scatting. 

Also featured in the band was my friend, Takuya Kuroda on the… Read more

D'Angelo is Back! All Hail the King! 

Rumours have been circulating for years about a come-back for soul sensation, D'angelo, all leading 
to dead-ends and disappointment for his legions of fans around the globe.

We have been waiting since The Voodoo Tour of 2000. 

Then, last month, a leak of a new demo on the internet - "Black Hole Sun."

Now, concrete proof - clips of D'angelo's concert on January 26 in Stockholm at the Filadelfiakyrkan. 
(Pronounce it if you can.) 

He has ended his retreat and our frustration with the first of a… Read more


I'm so happy to report that "Rose," by indigo jam unit feat. Alicia Saldenha, was voted Album of the Year @ Tokyo Jazz Notes!!

What an honor to have been part of the project and to have so many of you love and support it.

Other honors for "Rose" include:

4 Weeks in the Top 100 and Top 50 Billboard Japan Charts for Independent Albums and Singles.

The "Rose" CD Release Tour in Shibuya, Tokyo on September 10, 2011 was the favorite for the Best Gigs of 2011 @ Tokyo Jazz Notes.

None of… Read more

12月のライブのPV (December Events Promo Video) 

 Well, I was at the studio with my band last week, rehearsing until 2 a.m. (with everyone's busy schedule, midnight rehearsals are often our only option),
when I decided to do an impromptu promo video for our upcoming gigs. I wish I had thought of it earlier because it was only two days before the first show.
Still, we had fun doing it and it turned out so well that I may try to do more next year for our shows.
I'm calling it my directorial debut but the guys actually needed little direction - they were… Read more

"We Are One" Charity Music Festival for Tohoku, Japan 

On Saturday, October 1st, I had the pleasure of performing with my band at Ougimachi Koen in Osaka.

The event was the "We Are One" Charity Music Festival for Tohoku, Japan.

I performed with Daioh and Gaku Nakajima on guitar, U-zo Ohkusu on keys and Takanori Hiraoka on drums.

Sadly, our bassist, Tetsushi Ogino, had a previous engagement in Tokyo. However, U-zo deftly handlled the basslines on
the keys, while playing the organ as well.

It was a beautiful afternoon, we had a good turnout and the band… Read more