Happy New Year!!! - Enter the Dragon

Alicia Saldenha (Photography by Yoshitaka Kominami)
(Photography by Yoshitaka Kominami)

Greetings & Salutations!

Wishing you all health, happiness, love, success and great music for the Year of the Dragon.
According to Chinese astrology, the dragon is a symbol of power and good fortune.

My sincere thanks for all of your support over the years. 2011 was especially exciting for me, being able to play more and more with my band in Japan. U-zo Ohkusu, the pianist of Zard and Kuraki Mai, joined the talented musicians forming my regular band members: Daioh (guitar), Tetsuhi Ogino (bass) and Takanori Hiraoka (drums). Other members include the lovely Mizuho Masuda (piano) and Gaku Nakajima (guitar).

In addition, I had the joy of recording an album, "Rose," with one of my favorite bands, indigo jam unit. Along with the CD release tour throughout Japan, it was definitely one of the highlights of 2011. Our sold-out shows at Billboard Live Osaka were another dream come true, thanks to you. It was truly wonderful to see so many turn out to support us and independent music.

There is a lot in store for this year as well. The official music video for my single, "Ooh Boy," which I released on December 10, 2011, is coming up soon. So is my solo album, recorded in New York City. I've set a tentative release date of April 2nd. It is full of my original soul, funk and reggae songs. Stay tuned!!

Thank you again for your love and support.
Don't ever stop believing.
May all of our dreams come true this year!


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