Life Thru "ROSE" Tinted Glasses

Releasing the CD, "ROSE," with indigo jam unit has been so exciting. September has been one of the most memorable months of the year, with the album release and Japan tour.

Hearing our songs on the radio, walking into Tower Records and hearing my voice, seeing "ROSE" on display, reading the reviews of the album and the tour, or the appreciative comments of fans on Twitter and Facebook - it has all been amazing and not a little surreal.

There have been so many delights.

I love, for example, the custom t-shirts that were on limited offer just before the release.

Does the image look familiar??

I love the clear-file as well...

It was such a thrill walking into Tower Records in Shibuya with my friend, Jiunn, the day after the "ROSE" Release Tour @ JZ Brat.
"Power & Glory," the 2nd track on the CD, was blasting from the speakers into the street.

We walked in to find the album on display and the music playing throughout the store. I was jumping up and down in excitement. What timing!

The tour has been a blast as well. I've met so many lovely people. The audience in Kumamoto was especially energetic and receptive, singing and dancing along with me during the show. I'm going to devote a blog post especially to the tour in the near future.

Thank you!!! We couldn't do this without you. Thank you for coming to the shows, buying the CDs, sharing the video and information with
your friends and on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Fan support is so important for independent artists. I really appreciate it.



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