"Troy Davis Lives Forever" - Free Download by Rebel Diaz & Agent of Change

FREE DOWNLOAD: Rebel Diaz - Troy Davis Lives Forever (prod Agent of Change) by agentofchange

Despite great international support for death row inmate,Troy Davis, the Georgia Pardons Board refused to grant him clemency and he was executed on September 21st, 2011.

Seven of nine witnesses against Mr. Davis recanted after trial, many claiming to have faced intimidation by the police to give their testimony. Moreover, there seems to have been no physical evidence linking Davis to the crime.

More than 630,000 letters pleading for a stay of execution were delivered to the Georgia board in the week before the scheduled execution. Those asking for clemency included President Jimmy Carter, 51 members of Congress and even death penalty supporters, such as William Sessions, a former F.B.I. director.

It is a sobering thought that in the light of such obvious doubt, a man's life can be taken by the state so readily. That Troy Davis, an African-American, was accused of murdering a white police officer, has also raised questions about the underlying role of race and racism in this decision.

Whether one advocates the death penalty or not, surely the murder of the innocent should inspire outrage and disgust. More than reasonable doubt had clearly been established in this case. Yet Troy's voice, and those of his supporters, could not stop this terrible injustice.

Troy Davis urged his supporters to continue the struggle. Let us not let his death have been in vain.

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