"We Are One" Charity Music Festival for Tohoku, Japan

On Saturday, October 1st, I had the pleasure of performing with my band at Ougimachi Koen in Osaka.

The event was the "We Are One" Charity Music Festival for Tohoku, Japan.

I performed with Daioh and Gaku Nakajima on guitar, U-zo Ohkusu on keys and Takanori Hiraoka on drums.

Sadly, our bassist, Tetsushi Ogino, had a previous engagement in Tokyo. However, U-zo deftly handlled the basslines on
the keys, while playing the organ as well.

It was a beautiful afternoon, we had a good turnout and the band was on fire. It was wonderful to sing outdoors and to get back to
my original songs and my own band.

Thanks to everyone who performed, participated and attended the event. It is important to keep the focus on Tohoku. The repercussions
of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear fallout are far from over. It is easy to relax as time passes, but also very dangerous.

Many are still homeless. The spread of radiation continues, terribly underreported by the government and the media.

We are all interconnected, whether we like it or not. Problems that seem far away eventually affect us all. We have to support each other.

On Saturday night, I made a guest performance at Cafe Absinthe in Shinsaibashi.

, a very talented Japanese Pop/R&B singer and songwriter, was singing there that night as part of her mini-tour of Osaka. She would play the following night at Hills Bakery before returning to Tokyo.

It was a pleasure to listen to her unique style - she has a strong jazz core running through her vocals which was a pleasant surprise. You should check her out.

I also enjoyed chatting with her afterward. We face a lot of the same challenges as independent women making our way through the music industry in Japan.

I'm happy that we could perform together that night. Hopefully we can collaborate again in the future.

We are one, indeed.

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